RoomManager FAQ

  • Is it possible to maintain my next moth booking in this software ?
    Yes - It is possible to add future months booking to the software.
  • Is there any warning or alerts provided for pending bookings which are not yet arrived ?
    Yes - In the operator dashboard those rooms will become Red color. When ever any room is red color it means operator need to do an action for that room. It may be due to - Not yet Check-in , Advance Pending, Check-out alert etc.
  • How to give an AC room for Non AC price ?
    Multiple Tariffs can be configured for a same room. Deluxe -Double-AC, Deluxe-Double-Non-AC, Deluxe-Single-AC. Can be three different tariffs and can be configured to a Single room. While check-in operator can select which tariffs to be used for the room.
  • Is it possible for a customer to change the room type - AC room to Non-Ac after staying for 1-2 days. ? In this case how does the room rent calculated?
    Yes - For this operator can use the switch room option . In this case customer is checked out from the first room and checked in to new room . All the accounts are transferred to new room.
  • Is there any option to generate the list of the customers who have stayed for last one year?
    Yes - All the customer data's are maintained in the Customer Master and user can create excel report for any other operations.