Retail Manager FAQ

  • What are the different types of items which can be billing in this software ?
    Any types of products and services can be billed in the software. For eg products such as rice, computer, medicine etc and services such as Facial , Treatment etc can be billed in this software.
  • Does it support multiple types of tax's ?
    Yes - User can configure tax's based on the requirement and associate to the products.
  • Can we have a different pricing based on the type of the customer or counter ?
    Yes - Up to 5 different types of prices can be configured for each product. Eg - Whole sales price , Mon-Fri price, regular customer Price etc.
  • Is there any warning indicated if the stock is below the minimum level ?
    All the stock below the minimum level are listed separately in the inventory.
  • Is there any option to hold a bill and do another bill.
    Yes bill can be kept on hold, and can be billed later.
  • Can we give credit to a customer and collect payment later.
    Yes - It is possible to give credit to customer and collect the payment later.
  • Is It possible to do partial payment to a vendor and collect the remaining later.
    Yes - Partial payment can be made during the Purchase and complete vendor account is maintained in the system.
  • Is there any option to adjust the stock in case of transfer loss or other loss.?
    Yes - Using stock adjustment option stock can be increased or decreased.
  • Is it possible to change the size or fields in the Bills
    Yes - There is some configurations to change the size of each rows , items name size, etc. This can be used for configuring the print based on the bill size.
  • Can this software be customized based on the Customer requirements.
    No - This software is designed based on detail analysis of over 150 different customers requirements. Every product improvement feedbacks from our customers are added to our product roadmap and will be provided as software upgrades to the customers. This software cannot be customized based on any specific customer requirement.